Dr Prem web network is offering a plethora of plans to incorporate your presence into its set up. These plans are designed to ensure your convenience in gaining access to the company’s wide platform. The focus of these plans revolves around your convenience. The comprehensively devised plans would acquaint you with the work ethics of the company. You can choose from any plan that suits your needs and aspirations at large. all these plans are customized to meet all your myriad needs and aspirations. The first and simplest way of developing your relationship with Dr Prem web network involves getting a membership. The membership is gained by going through a proper channel prescribed by the company. All you have to do is select the desired mode of membership and click on it. The company officials would get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Basic Membership

The membership is the primary means to acquire the services of the organization. If you simply want to register your website on the network, this is the plan for you.  Just by clicking on the membership option, you can access the wide platform of Dr Prem web network. After clicking the option, the company officials would revert to you within matter of minutes. Once registered you are entitled to avail a plethora of benefits.

  • The other benefit incurred in the plan includes using the advertisement campaigns running on different niche websites of Dr Prem web network. You can directly access the investors without any third party intervention.
  • In addition to this, the company would also establish your presence on the social media platforms. Your website would be promoted on these platforms to garner prospect visitors.
  • The company also utilizes the various link building services to generate revenue for you on regular basis.
  • Ad sharing is another benefit that the company is ready to share with you. You may have niche website catering to special needs of the people, but are devoid of any advertiser. In that case, Dr Prem web network can share the relevant advertisement with you.
  • You can avail these services and much more without spending a penny. Yes, you heard it right the membership is totally free.

Membership with Management Plan

Membership with management is the more evolved form of your relationship with Dr Prem web network. You should go for the Membership with Management option for various reasons. Keeping the benefits of the membership plan intact the relatively advanced plan would provide you other services that would enhance your web business experience.

  • It is meant for people who have a niche website at their disposal but cannot work on it due to time constraints or various other factors.
  • The plan allows you the free access to the great database owned by the company.
  • By opting for the plan, you can also avail comprehensive website management services.
  • All you have to do is, provide instructions and the rest would be taken care of by the competent company professionals.
  • The company would take the entire responsibility of managing your website.
  • This is a revenue sharing model where the company would have a share in the earnings made by you and managed by the company.

Strategic Partnership Plan

The most advanced level of your partnership with Dr Prem web network is the Strategic Partnership. The partnership would relieve you from all the hassles involved in web business. All your apprehensions and hassles are taken care of by the most endowed people in the industry. The basics of the membership with management plan are not only kept intact but are further enhanced to provide complete web management solution.

  • Dr Prem web network can invest time and money to work on your website.
  • The rework process would aim at evaluating the drawbacks inherent in the website that are hampering its growth.
  • The professionals would weed out the drawbacks and render your website with a better functionality.
  • Strategic Partnership is a partnership model and requires revenue sharing.
  • Your site would be partially owned by you and Dr Prem web network.

Funding and Investment Plan

Last but certainly not the least, Dr Prem web network has something to offer that would go a long way in redefining your relations with the company. You have the right idea; they have the right funding source ready for you. You may be the most endowed person and excel in your field, but you may not have the technical know how to deal with the website related issues. Moreover, you may not have the work force or financial wherewithal to materialize your project. Now you need not bother yourself, as Dr Prem web network would do the needful and assist you in transforming your dream into reality.   The organization is in all readiness to invest a substantial chunk of money into your idea, provided your idea is genuine, feasible and high on profitability. The web network is looking for viable plans that may bring about a change in the way web business is perceived in totality. If you have the right plan, the company would surely make you the catalyst of change.